About Me

Hello, my name is Sam.

This is me with a quail on my shoulder.

As a couch potato by birth and a garden and animal enthusiast by choice, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to grow plants and care for animals.

I use this blog to write about topics that interest me.

Learn how to raise your own quail and have an unlimited supply of eggs and meat.

I’m a big fan of quail. They are my new hobby.

I get my kids involved too. They love caring for them.

Here’s a snapshot of them collecting quail eggs from the cage we built.

Income School

Fun fact: we’re a family of 7, and we crack 150 quail eggs when we want to eat scrambled eggs.

About this many.

I also write about turkeys, rabbits, and other animals around the farm, as well as fruit and veggies you can grow around the house.

Follow me on this journey of discovery.

Feel free to reach out to me at thishappyfarm@gmail.com.